Why should you add our bot to your server?

We are not bad guys, we love cakes and we want to make Discord community better. Besides, if you are afraid that the bot will do something bad to the server then you should not think so.

Its free

Yes, that's right. The bot is completely free and not limited in functionality.


It is safe

Safety first! That's why our bot is 100% safe from all problems!


Its functional

Do not forget that the bot is always updated, so the bot will not be limited to one thing!


Have you ever wanted on your own server the bot that played voices of your favourite characters from MLP:FiM with only one click? If you dreamed about it as straight as child become a racer, then this bot is just for you! And if you want to change the bot on its own way, then welcome to GitHub!

Other bot

  • 5 voices
  • check Free bot
  • close Without donation
  • close Fast support
  • close Ponies

Our bot

  • 150+ voices
  • check Free bot
  • check Without donation
  • check Fast support
  • check Ponies