Terms of use and privacy policy

We pay great attention to the protection and legal regulations regarding your personal data. As part of this, we add information about how we use your personal information and how you can control it. Also, we should note that the resource Equestria Space is integrated with the shell. So part of the personal data processed solely by the company shell Inc and is located outside of our jurisdiction. Accordingly, we recommend that you review the regulations published on the website discordapp.com

1. Collection and storage. We collect the following personal data: public data about you from Discord, your IP address and computer language.

2. Use. We use your personal data to ensure that you operate and use Equestria Space. We do not pass on your details to third parties for research, marketing or any other purpose. However, you should understand that communication on the resource Equestria Space is public and unlimited access to the following data: public Discord user data.

3. Control. We are ready to promote your legitimate interests and exercise your personal data protection rights under the GDPR. In particular, you can, for example, delete your data that does not belong to Discord. Please contact us by email: privacy@equestria.space

For the full use of Equestria Space, we need your consent to the collection, storage and use of your personal data. In case of failure, you will not be able to use the resource Equestria Space.